Getting people to attend your trade show stand

So you have a trade show coming up? You have amazing products to show case, your stand looks wonderful, you can still smell that new “just printed” brochure smell (I know I’m weird, maybe it’s the fumes from all those freshly printed brochures!) but there is something you might be forgetting. Oh yes, visitors and potential customers!!! How are you going to capture the details of people who might be just a tiny bit curious bout your product? All those prospects, all those attendees who are playing hard to get, and feel like the marketing teams are salivating over them, waiting to “capture” their email address. Well, do not fret, there is a very easy way to get them to your stand, albeit a little bit of advanced planning is required! (I will write a last minute “oh Em Gee – we forgot our marketing strategy completely, another time, if I don’t forget!). For now, lets focus on the things you can do to get those visitors to your stand and those names on your list, when you have a few weeks up your sleeves:

  1. Come up with a fun a giveaway, where your visitors can win something fun, something useful by attending and giving their details away to you, on the day (maybe an iPhone? anything with a fruit logo on it seams to get people very excited!). The giveaway is only available at your stand, people must enter in person (not online!).
  2. Run an ad or/and advertorial in the exhibitor guide (preferably both), the ad you run must be announcing your giveway (see step 1) and the advertorial should have the new product you are focusing the trade show on.
  3. Check all your Terms & Conditions and permits with the state you are running the competition in (there might be some restrictions)
  4. How are you going to capture the data? QR code? Paper? Do they drop their business cards to enter the draw or do you scan their name tags? Create marketing collateral for the giveaway – entry forms, posters etc, get all those pesky little details sorted.
  5. Draw the prize on the last day of the Trade Show/Expo – get the trade show organisers to announce it over their AV system.
  6. Congratulations – you have done it! Now dance with glee at your genius plot to get people to your stand. (Well, this part can be done in your head, maybe).

Pro Tip – Always have a freebie to give away to your visitors at your stand, preferably candy (it must be wrapped, nobody likes to think about potential germs they might be catching or the salivating marketers!), Chupa Chups work wonders for this, and something else fun (key ring, tiny notepad, USB drive anything that you can put your brand on and is actually useful for the person).

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